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Modern Vapor Electric Cigarettes

Looking for electric cigarettes that satisfy both
your nicotine cravings and desire for an alternative
to traditional smoking?

Modern Vapor's premier line-up of smokeless electronic cigarettes utilize innovative technology to provide a smoking experience without the dangers, hassle and even expense of traditional cigarettes.

Find a complete line-up of everything you need to begin enjoying electronic smoking. You can even customize your “vaping” experience by choosing from our wide variety of battery and atomizer color options, e-juice flavor selection and more. Our designer charging cases allow you to enjoy electric cigarettes in style when you're on the go.

The Ultimate in Vapor Smoking

Modern Vapor Electric Cigarettes provide for a smoother, more elegant and less costly smoking experience... Smokeless electronic cigarettes allow you to enjoy smoking without the smells and inconvenience of traditional cigarettes. With ever increasing restrictions by employers, governments, businesses and health care providers, e-cigarettes provide a suitable alternative for those who want to enjoy smoking without its cumbersome restrictions.

We work closely with our manufacturer and customers to design, develop and continually improve our one-of-a-kind e-cigarette products and e-juice selection. We proudly offer high-quality e-cigarette products and all the accessories you need along with comprehensive customer care, all at very reasonable prices… But enough about us—we want to hear what YOU think!

Featured Electronic Cigarettes Products

902 E-Cigarette Select Kit

List price: $74.95
902 electronic cigarette starter kit

35% larger cartridge than the 510, Modern Vapor 902 is the Top Choice if you are looking for a smooth draw for a pleasurable experience. Click on the photo to see more color options.

Sidesho Select E-Cig Starter Kit

List price: $74.95
Sidesho electronic cigarette starter kit

Top choice for everyday vapor smoking, the Sidesho Select is the recommend e-cig starter kit. This electronic cig's cartridge holds about 35% more e-juice than other mini electronic cigarettes on the market. Click on the photo to see more color options.

Sidesho Supreme Kit

List price: $129.95

FREE SHIPPING. The best BANG FOR YOUR BUCK that is perfect for serious vapor smoking. Sidesho Supreme is the best performing mini electronic cigarette on the market!

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