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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.What is a Modern Vapor Electric Cigarette (ECIG)?

2.How does Modern Vapor work?

3.If Modern Vapor does not emit smoke, then what is that I see?

4.Why choose Modern Vapor and what makes Modern Vapor the best?

5.Where can I use Modern Vapor

6.Will I get in trouble if I use Modern Vapor where smoking is not permitted?

7.Is Modern Vapor safe?

8.Can I quit smoking Tobacco cigarettes using Modern Vapor ECIG?

9.What are the Health Risks?


11.What are the main ingredients in Modern Vapor cartridge?

12.How much nicotine is in each cartridge?

13.How long will a Modern Vapor cartridge last?

14.What is Modern Vapor E-Juice?

15.What is the Modern Vapor atomizer used for?

16.How often do I need to recharge my Modern Vapor battery, and how long does it take?

17.What is the approximate life expectancy of the Modern Vapor battery?